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Crossword 29 January 2022

Crosswords and answers added today 29 January. Refresh this page often to read the latest additions or click here .

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Clue Answer
What A Polygraph Might Detect
88 Year Old Singer Yoko
B Movie Opening And Closing Cinema Presentation To Create Mood
Baby Originally Named By Cracking Joke
Babys Head Gets Stuck In Unusually Antique Font
Backchat Coming From Crass Assistant
Backing Man And Daughter To Crack Cryptic Clues, Going Slowly
Bad Habits, Clinging To Old Opinions
Bad Vibe Shame What Some Politicians Do
Badly Alarmed By North Dakota, An Unreal Place
Badly Formed Sweet Or Biscuit
Bagging 500 In Opening Spell Of Bowling Is Excessive
Baked Food On Many Levels
Band, Very Quiet Otherwise, Introducing Piece Of Music At Appropriate Time
Bank Almost Deceives Punters By Concealing Weak Holding
Bank In Decline With Lake Drying Up
Banker Is Partly Maori No, Columbian
Barbarian Leader From Part Of Greece Left For Carthage Originally
Barrier On Waterway Under Pressure Provides Protection From Water
Basic Religious Authority In Orthodox Judaism
Battle Upset Bacall And Gardner
Bay, Or Lake In A Bay
Bbc 1990S Sitcom Written By And Starring Rik Mayall And Adrian Edmondson
Be A High Street Stationer Its A Stable Job
Be Acquainted With
Be An All Rounder Certainly More Than A Bowler, It Seems
Be Averse To Getting Into Pedalo At Headland
Be Gentler When Developing This
Be In Debt While In Credit Feel Oppressed, Perhaps
Be Of Service
Be Outstanding In Job
Be Sure To Turn Round Monsieurs Tongue
Beach Resort City On Monterey Bay, California
Beach Sunbathers Might Appreciate This Vodka Cocktail
Beast From Horror Shows
Beastly Male, One Covered In Dye
Beat Both Republican Parties
Beat Gas Protection Forecast
Become Completely Exhausted Through Overwork
Become Thick
Becoming Firmly Fixed
Becoming Visible
Bed That Can Float
Bed Wetter Pees Uncontrollably Over Character Behind House
Beer Judge Is Drinking In Pub
Before The Sign To Stop, Absolutely Nothing Is Produced
Begin Play About Man Eviscerated By A Greek Hero
Beginners In Studio Photographed As Well
Beginning Parts Of 23A, 10A, 8A, 20A, 11A, 18D, 12A, 9A, 26A, 22D, 7D, 2D And 21D
Beginning To Beat Out Precious Metal, Striking Head
Bend Over During Pause
Benefit From Rise In Old Savings Account
Better Religious Class Seen In Tyrrhenian Location
Beyond The Fringe, For Instance
Bidders Mad To Accept European Chicken Feed
Big Game Reserve Visited By A Member Of Parliament
Bird Present In Plant By Lake
Biscuits Made By Nuns, Largely Trigger Happy
Bishops Place Is Running Around Rope, Just Inside
Bit Of A Cheek Having Rear Pinched By Hancock In Sin
Bit Of An Old Dinosaur
Bitter And Sour, Say, From Left Cutting Benefits
Black China Tea
Black Market Stocks Book
Black Widow, Say
Blood Brothers, For Example
Blue Briar Possibly Offers A Conduit For Rainwater
Boatman Involved In Terrible Ordeal, But Winning
Bodily Network
Body Of Matter
Body Protection For One Whos Paid To Slice One
Boiled Rice Occasionally Described As Golden
Book Player On Bench
Books Lineker, Say, Without Support
Boost One Chapter In 2 Kings
Bowie Number Succeeded In The Future, Tom Having Faded Out
Bows And Arrows Maker
Box To Go In Entrance Essentially For Snobs
Boxes, For Instance, Saving Fellows Nuts
Boycott A Cost Rise Thats Outrageous
Boycott Opening Leaves New Australian Spinner
Brains Outer Layer
Brand New Herb
Brass Fails To Move Cosmetic Items
Bravo For Mike In Rush For Game
Brazilian Rosewood Canada Jar
Bread Items
Breeders Top Setter Bites Jeans Naughty Dog
Brewing Empires Leading Wine Opened First
Brick Carrier Reflected Hey, The Japanese Can Compete Here
British Novelist Turned Curious, Turned Mocking, With Just A Touch Of Heart
British Rock Band With Uplifting Musical Style Is Not Up To Scratch
British Upper Class Tea Break Capital
Broadcast Porn Deal Matters For Pair That Grind
Broadcast Which Group Of Islands Is On Course
Brought In From Anchorage In One Sea
Brought Up Title, One Used In Public Relations For Insider
Brussels Supports Aid Arrangement For So Long
Building, Haunt Regularly Visited
Bulk Of Research By Lennons Partner Is Voluntary
Burning Tar By Lounge
Business Graduate Visiting Church, Look, To See Musical Instrument
By A Very Great Margin
By Shops Entrance, Father Catches Sick On Back Of Expensive Shoe
Chips Wagered In A Card Game
Design Dime 2 Wds
The Sharks Or The Jets In West Side Story