Crossword 14 June 2021

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Clue Answer
Method Of Coffee Brewing
Trademark Accessory For Fred From Scooby Doo
Music Genre Associated With The ’70S
Total Legends
Spiteful Over Little Slights
Destination For A Time Machine
6-Down Is In It: Abbr.
Okla. Campus With A Prayer Tower
Mark And Luke: Abbr.
It's Usually Played By A Star
Rich, As Tomato Sauce
Reese's Output
Den Furnishings
Runs Off To Wed
Bos Posting
"Good" Day Occurring Once A Yr.
Cockney Toast Opener
Very Violent, Perhaps
One Way To Get Around Town
Classic Fender, For Short
That, To Tito
Playground Crack?
Nicole Kidman's Island Birthplace
Sequence Of Online Posts
Song Cry Heard Here, There And Everywhere?
"The Plough And The Stars" Playwright Sean
Ugandan Neighbor
Textbook Segment
Block Ending
On The Facing Pg.
__ To Go: Eager, Colloquially
Booyah Or Bouillabaisse
Whist Relative
Hispanic City Area
Game With Strikers
Buster Of Old Hollywood
The Past, In The Past
5, In 5/8, Say
5, In 2.5
Astronaut's Apparel
Spaces For Spices
Night Flights
Framing Supports
Gave The Okay
White-Plumed Heron
Loom Power Source
Cues From The Miracles' Lead Singer?
Coup Member?
Farm Song Letters
Middle Jackson Sister
Young Farm Animals' Taxi Company?
Trading Post Visitors
Three Kingdoms Chinese State
"Do-Re-Mi" Critter
Remote Needs
India Is Home To A Plurality Of Its Employees
Dilemma Presented By A Suspicious Peace Offering?
Feature Of Much Commercial Maple Syrup
Junior Olympic Games Org.
Excited Cry From A Gemologist?
"It's __ A While"
Usg Successor
Word With Rule Or Show
Athlete-Turned-Sportscaster Rashad
San Juan __: California Mission City
Sham Indignation?
Bro, For One
"The Purloined Letter" Author
Advance With Determination
Commiseration At A Cookout?
"Star Wars" Antagonist
Works With Purls
Vehicle In A Pit
Irish Region Named For A Literary Nobleman?
Riveting Wwii Icon
Kind Of Manner
Writer Who Created Oz
Obviously In Slang
… With Possibly Direr Consequences
Berliner Pioneer In Phonograph Records
M L B Team With A Big W In Its Logo
Revolution To Hey Jude
Space Scanning Org
Like Bees
Clear Weeds In A Way
Part Missing From P S I
Words Cried After Go
Abbr After A Price In A Craigslist Ad
Lt S Inferior
Québecs St Jean
Instruments For Israel Kamakawiwoole
German Auto Since 1899
Thatll Teach You
Leader Of The House
Love Is Love E G
Outlets E G
Something That Might Lengthen A Sentence
High School Hurdle Whose First Two Letters Phonetically Sound Like One Of Its Former Components
Like All The Answers With Pairs Of Circled Letters Punnily
Seasons In Québec
15Th Birthday Celebration
Tomtit Is Another Name For It
Talks Up
Classical Icelandic Literary Work
Title Letters Chanted In A 2011 Katy Perry Hit
Financial Org Once Deemed Too Big To Fail
Newfoundland E G Abbr
Range Within Which You Can Answer The Question Can You Hear Me Now
Six Time Winner Of The N H L S Art Ross Trophy Born In Saskatchewan
24 And Suits Actress Born In Halifax
Princess Who Says Why You Stuck Up Half Witted Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder
Dish Served On A Skewer
Suppliers Of The Milk For Roquefort Cheese
Moves Quickly And Lightly
Rehearsal E G In Slang
Pears With A Sweet Spiced Flavor
Part Of B A
Alberta City Named For An Eagle Feather Headdress
Like Some Birds Or Dolls
Stops Talking With Up
Mettle That May Merit A Medal
Two Player Game Invented In Toronto
Of Parliament
Nice Burn
Seasonal Destination Near Quebec City
Program Introduced By The Trudeau Government In 1984 Colloquially
Approximate Weight Of The Liberty Bell
Advocacy Grp That Filed For Bankruptcy In 2021
Words At An Unveiling
Cry After An Award Is Announced
Portrayer Of Senator Vinick On The West Wing
Desert Planet Of Star Wars
Be Batty In A Way
Canuck E G For Short
Like Bells In Carillons
Part Of L C D
Like Rochester And Syracuse But Not New York City
Novel Convenience
Band Whose 1999 Hit Smooth Spent 12 Weeks At #1
Very High On A Fire Danger Scale
Iowa Cubs Baseball Classification
Federal Regulatory Org
Rose Or Lilac
Novelist Gaiman
They Might Help With Changing Your Locks
One With A Phony Personality
Central Route Thru Town
Frederick Who Composed Camelot
Helps A Dish Washer Say
Shout Informally
Wars Conflicts Of 1839 42 And 1856 60
It May Be Perfect Or Simple But Not Both
Big Elevator Maker
$15/Hour E G
What Most Spiders Have Eight Of
Climb As A Rope
Obey Lorna, Perhaps, By Revising Study …
Object To Spooners Le Pétomane Show
Object Ultimately Going Spare
Oblivious Of Finely Crafted Work By Stubbs
Obscure English Knight Against European From The East
Observe Scripture Lesson And What Is Being Studied
Observers Initially Imply, Wrongly, Charlie Is Like A Legendary Athlete
Obstacle Race Late Speeches
Obstacle To Travel Around Lines
Occupants Of House Provided In Scruffy 28
Odd Or Even Excerpts From Voluntaries
Oddly Lou Reeds Drug Free, Touring India Its Brilliant
Of A Bishop
Of A Star System
Of An Old Greek City
Of Cities Or Towns
Offer In Favour Of Model
Old Asian Honeyed Wine Is Mentioned
Old Belligerent Republican Last Of The Washington Crop
Old Boy And Girl Taking Over American Patent
Old Boys Story Involves Conservative Block
Old Car Loses Its Initial Value
Old Country Hotel Surrounded By Suspicion
Old Fogey, Doctored, Needing Particular Set Of Sheets
Old Instrument For Measuring The Altitude Of Heavenly Bodies
Old Joke About Bit Of Zombifying Gas
Old King Repeatedly Can Start To Grouch, Showing Pique
Old Lady Wearing Corset, Finding Special Staple
Old Man With Sweetheart In Spot Reportedly A Very Low Point
Old Man&Rsquo S Expression Of Thanks For Italian Food
Old Ones In To Raise Work With Puny Margins For Drug Supplier
Old Radical Populist With Two Pounds In Bank At End Of Year
Old Run Down Car
Old Stager Is A Cavalryman Sounds Like It
Old Submarine Docks At Eastern Island &Mdash Almost Everyone Knows It
Old Toll Gate True Pink
Old Us President Protected By British Motorcyclist
Old Writers Briefly Endure Dealing With Technique
Old Fashioned Fuel Was Not Good For Cooking
Old Style Language In New Dailys Newspapers Leader
Oldest Us University, Established 1636
Olympic Sport Similar To Wrestling, Developed In Japan
On A Drug, Coming Up
On A Farm, Refuse Drink Very Loudly
On Choppy Seas, English Surfer Finally Wipes Out
On Radio Man Would Listen
On Shrove Tuesday, Cooks Might Be These Sorts Of Idiots
One Admitted To Organisation, Say, In Debt Leaving Britain Cue For Reform
One Breaks Leg People Between Times Offering Balm
One Causing Buzz, Egyptian Spirit Loves To Embrace Unknown
One Chap&Rsquo S Rival Wins Fresh Conflict
One Cold Dish Served Up With Bread In The Gambia
One Final Song From Captain Cook
One Given Pound, Apparently Indebted, Angered
One Helping Girl To Avoid Extremes
One Hosting Man In Garden Is Scottish Engineer
One In Flight Has Tantrums When Climbing
One In Go Cart Is Spinning Out Of Control
One In Party With Foremost Of Soviet Trotskyites
One Lacking Belief Is Given Dabs Of Accessories To Armed Robbery
One Leaves Intact Vessel In Warehouse
One Like Noah, After Flood, Finding Insect
One May Buy New Tights Here
One Moving From One Region To Another To Settle Trims Tarragon
One Not Easily Convinced
One Of Elgars Variations Incorporated Into Finale And Added To
One Of Jane&Rsquo S, Her Baby Not Unusually Filled With Rage
One Opens Either End Of Chubb Lock With Small Band
One Or Two Fliers
One Paying Attention
One Posing For A Portrait
One Pound Raised During Lifes Works In This List
One Present Of A Shirt For Nurse To Wear
Mother Teresa For One
Like Some Televisions
(Human [?) Of Water]
Native American Tribe Of Arizona
Four Italian Cities
Three Four-Letter Mammals
____ ____ In %22Up In The Air%22
To Consult Or Discuss Something Together; To Compare Ideas Or Opinions (Verb)
One To Whom A Legal Matter Is Assigned For Investigation Or Settlement; A Sports Official (Noun)
To Make Productive; To Reproduce Or Assist In Reproduction And Growth (Verb)
Favored Choice; The Act, Fact Or Principle Of Giving Advantage To One Over Another (Noun)
Old Nickname For The Americas
A Globe Is One
California, To Georgia
Box Instruction: This ____ ____
Not Down South
Joins In Holy Matrimony
Reward For A Waiter
Realtors' Goals
Enter And Delete
Outfit For Many A Church Vocalist
Person With Many Contacts?
Break A $20 Bill By Ripping It In Half E.g.
Region That Planks Strengthen
They Help People Reach New Heights
Welcome Sights In The Desert
Shelter Traditionally Made From Hides
However In Textspeak
Mcentire Of Country
Wood Used For Some Telephone Poles
Celtic Foe
Gÿnter's Gramps
White-Tailed Seabirds
They May Replace Oaths
Real Things?
Author/Activist Johnson Who Attended President Obama's Inauguration At Age 105
What An Online Beep May Signify
Big Name In Scotch
Having The Worst Record
In Other Words
Literature Nobelist Walcott
Old Cooking Show That Often Had A Creole Theme
Monetary Unit Of The Gambia
Address Limited To 18 Minutes
Nice Article
Responds To Anxiety, In A Way
Industry-Specific Publication
California City Name Meaning "Tar"
The Acropolis, In Its Time
Queen Of Fiction
Showing Ingenuity In
More Than A Stretch
Hog's Little Cousin
Keyboard In A Bach Title
Palmer Of "The Boys From Brazil"
Symbol On A Heineken Label
Spunkmeyer Of Cookie Fame
Made A Seat-Of-The-Pants Mistake?
One Put On Trial, Eg, Hoped Thus Finally To Reform
One Puts The Squeeze On Toms Team
One Responsible For Standards In Cabbage And Beer
One Searching Smallest Room, Say, For Complaint In The Observer
One Sent To Relieve Another Of Possessions
One Swamp Recalled In Desert
One Takes In Canadian Singers Claim To Be Short Of Energy
One To March Or Stroll About In Old Crown Dependency
One Tries To Cause Upset And Turmoil Occasionally Crossing Line
One Typically Grey Or Chestnut
One Used To Snap And Be Tearful, Upset By Urgent News
One Warming To Tootsie, This Recipient Of Marching Orders