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Crossword 27 September 2021

Crosswords and answers added today 27 September. Refresh this page often to read the latest additions or click here .

Latest Answers

Clue Answer
Wader Changes Colour
Wage That Shamed Liberals How Much
Waiting In Readiness
Waiting To Get Through To Someone
Walkers My Name
Walking Stick Caps
Wanted Joint Passed To The Audience
Wanting To Eat Grass Empty Guernsey Would Eat It
Warmer Vessel Spinning On Wheel
Was Previously Top, Top Journalist
Wasnt Mad About Type Of String Sounds From Banjo, Maybe
Wasp, Perhaps, To Hover Next To Drink
Wasted On Drug, Drop Round Area Where Students Are Found
Wasteful Academic Delayed Welcoming Soldier Back
Watch And Direct
Watch Character Cry Out Loud
Water Carrying Rock
Watershed Moment
Waving E G Banner About Source Of Exotic Vegetable
Waxy Substance, Resin, Alongside Rigs At Sea
Way In Which Third Of Wolves Utter Plaintive Cries
Way Of Tying A Tie
Were Told Of Fearful Worker Changing Colour
Weak And Sentimental Person
Weakest Chess Piece
Weakest In The Litter
Wealthy Professionals Drinking Super Old Cocktail
Weapon An American Lawyer Ships
Weather Mostly Terrible Includes A Very Hot Spell
Weave Air In The Lungs
Weave Into Braids
Week Everyone Put To Work For Beer And Punch
Weekend Day &Mdash Is Overseeing Workplace Ok
Well Built And Rough Looking
Well Heeled Demi Mondaine Provides American Capital
Well Ventilated Farm Building Not Opening
Wellington Arch Is In Front Of Small Fox
Welsh Girl Shaving Bottom Following Love Letter
Welshman From Snowdonia Done Over
Wembley Content With Minute Sign
Went Down Hill In North
Went Round Gallery Guarded By Staff
West Indian Capital &Mdash Or Vigo, Possibly
What A Jury Looks For Out Of Hearing
What About Cunning Bloke Hes No Alien
What Can Hide Ones Feelings
What Carries Motorway, Note, Through Separate Part Of Mountain
What Char Does At Night For Unblemished Record
What Comes After A Flight Is A Pause Between Flights
What Could Make Any Fellow Claim A Discontinued Benefit
What Could Produce Minor Hitch
What Gives Some Gripes Tomato Sauce
What Goes To Block Army Career, Perhaps
What Holds A Soldiers Clothes And Personal Possessions
What Launches Spacemen Do In Craft
What May Have Part To Play In Temperature Falling In Cold Office
What May Stop Play
What Might Emerge From Flower Could Pass Quickly
What Might Give An Obtuse Result
What Might You Tell Children About To Go Out
What One Is Looking For In New Role Is To Kill Time
What One Needs To Go Beyond Dover Perhaps
What Protects The Ankle From Fierce Animal, Its Said
What Pupils Should Pay A Strain, By The Sound Of It
What Reveals And, In A Manner Of Speaking, Inspires
What This Is Until It Isn’t
What We Get Called In Explosive Contest
What We May Have In Summer For A Period Of Instruction
What&Rsquo S In Large Bottle Some Swill It Retsina
What&Rsquo S Most Impressive About Albatross Spawning Mutant
What&Rsquo S Used In Certain Puddings For Buffet
Whats Afoot Conservative Leader Involved In Misconduct
Whats Found On The Coast, Apart From Kent Etc
Whats The Point In Herodotus
Wheat, Barley, Oats Etc
Wheel Around In Short Coat In A Circle Of Flowers
When Retired Go Round World
When Unlikely To Be Welcomed Into A Hotel Owned By Us
Where Doctors See Their Patients
Where Old Folk Laid To Rest Argument In Pub
Where One Might Find P&Acirc T&Eacute De Foie Gras Without Much Difficulty
Where One Works Out How To Possess Sexy Conservative Girl
Where Own Reflection Might Appear Furious
Where Spooners Queen May Go In Casual Headgear
Where The Outer Lid Is Different From The Inner Lid
Where To Find Some Members Of 27 In Attack
Where You&Rsquo Ll Find La North Dakota Not True
Who Took Helens Capital
Who Wants It
Why Ease Off Moonshine
Why Slap Is Out Of Order Thats How Bad Tempered Sort Reacts
Wife Sandwiched Between Vacuous Toronto Couple
Wild Animal Eating Half Of Best Legume
Wild Dancing In Red Fez
William &Mdash , Poet
Wine Canvas Shelter
Winger, Surprisingly Sleek, Secures Try Almost
Winning Getting
Winter Athlete Bags Score Thats Not So Perfect
Winter Feature Spells End Of Christmas Present Season
Winter Hanger On
Winter Nudism Isnt Initially Going Badly Revealing Organs
Wise Mans Got Millions, Working Unaided To Begin With
With An Outer Covering
With Identity Concealed, Noticing Drunk Needs Oxygen
With Reason
With Sharply Detached Notes
With Some Medicine Bottles, Seek Water
With Timely Preparation, Professional Books Inspiring Film With Nothing Omitted
Within Limits, Gives Personal Service
Within Seconds, Fool Gets Out Of Control
Woman Not A Serious Socialist
Womens Votes Campaigners
Wonderful Father Returns To Samoan Capital
Wood Smoothing Item
Woodpecker Relative
Word Of Initials
Work Beginning For Office Drink Up
Work Cut Short, Time To Be Frugal Wealthy
Work In A Supervisory Role, Like A Bishop
Work Of Satirist Failing To Secure New Agents
Work On Papers Is Burden
Work With Potential Smoker Making Ledge Above Fireplace
Worker Gets Fine For Complaint
Working With Much Smaller Stuff Than A Note Checker Covers
Workplace No Longer Being Kept Ready
Worldly Hold Up Man Eventually Scratching Back
Worry Frequently With French And
Worsted Yarn Wife Found In Fish Basket
Wound Cord Before Judge
Wreathed With Flowers, A Fish Out Of Water
Write In Figures Like 1, First Of Scores In Match
Write Name On Official Building
Writer Phones &Mdash Biographer Rings Back
Writers Block Starting Editor Is Discouraged
Writings Attempts
Written In Sanskrit, He Takes Letter To Greeks
Wrong To Go To Paris To Secure Good Radio Operator
Wrong To Limit Ordinary Opinion
Wrought Iron Panel Beyond Compare
A Special One Helping To Produce Body Fluid
A Balearic Island
A Bogus Raf Choir Assembled, Admitting Right Number
A Carnival Bar Opening During Summer
A Celtic Language
A Change Of Word Order During Reading
A Cold Fish Accepting She Shows Weakness
A Coppers Arranged To Take Place As Star Investigator
A Couple Of Characters Put Over Edge About Orators Tirade
A Couple Regularly Query Lay
A Cricket Club About To Expel Individual Based On Hearing
A Dandy To Boot
A Doctors Work In Progress
A Donkey, Virtually Wild
A Drop Of Rain Once More Elevated River
A Fathers Wise Rewriting Of An Idiots Novel
A Hack Drinking Policemans Drink
A Halfwit Lifted Hotel Sponge
A Heavyweight Boxer, Extremely Tidy, Ignoring Normal Scales
A Land In Flames
A Lecherous Host Welcomed In Glamorous Hangers On
A Little Area Containing Zero Flora And Fauna
A Little French Cash Wifes Kept In The Back Of Cornwall
A Little Grape, A Ripe Fruit
A Lot Of Amusement After Court Probes Record With Discretion
A Lovable Eccentric, Primarily
A Male Attorney Climbing In Front
A Manic Nun Mithered A Northerner
A Match In Zoroastrian Writings Collection
A Matchless Fellow
A Measure Of Warmth In The Direction Of Drain Cover
A Newspaper Probing Scandalous Behaviour In Ministerial Residence
A Nice Mild Drunk Could Be Thus
A Northerners Course
A Number Book Into Unbelievable Game
A Or The
A Pair Of Females Streak, Creating Disturbance
A Parisian Engaged In Flimsy, Crazy Thinking
A Place To Keep Wine
A Question Of Gender And Class
A Retired Eton Criminal Set Out In A New Direction
A Scam Involving First Of Ripe Fruit
A Shocking Thing
A Socialist Gets To Sit Back Inside, Being Detained
A Tango Elgar Composed For Free
A Very Good Person Protecting You Up To Now
A Woman&Rsquo S Token Of Matrimony Something Fishy Here
A Zips Caught Whoopee
Ability To Face Danger
About To Dip Into Novel But Hay Festivals Here
About To Pop Off, Collecting Duke&Rsquo S Golfing Attendant
About To Reverse Countrys Precedent
Absolutely Ordinary
Absolutely Tiny Child With Friend
Absorb The Interest Of
Abstinent Muted In Colour
Accommodation For More Than One Banker
Accommodation Of A Point About Gilbert And George
Accomplishment Achieving Nothing Extra For The Most Part
According To Some, Bank Transferred Parts
Accumulate In Period Prior To Event
Accuracy Of An Electronic System In The Reproduction Of The Input Signal
Aching To Retain A Hundred Notes
Act Of Turning Down
Action To Start Set Pieces Is Needed, They Maintain
Actor From Brazil Employed In Droylsden Ironworks
Ad Hoc Term For Recent Coalition Government Name To Censure
Add Or Take Away New Gaudy Covering
Added Salt Of Copper &Mdash Revolutionary
Adduce Beethoven’s Ninth, Say, On Reflection, Describing Variation In Form
Adoration Of A Deity
Advantage Gained By Leading Team
Advantages Of Good Grades Put Before Classes
Adventure Novel Unexpectedly About Geese, Nothing Less
Advised In Fighting Retreat Having To Be Reversed
Advocate Getting Shot Of Street Obstacle
African Capital&Rsquo S Crude Oil Used On Excursion
African Countrys Former Coin
African Having Quit Ought To Return At Intervals
African Mammal Isnt Happy Going Back East
After A Short Time, Gained Back Unimpressive Catch
After A Short Time, Moved Up And Down
After Crashing Car The Man Goes By Railway To Get To Sport
After Dinner Treat Some Munch Occasionally
After Month In Recession, Gave Angry Tirade About Stores Termination Being Certain
After Torrential Sleet Cloak Glass
After Work Can Choose To Take Part
Again Share Out Genuine Sale Item
Against Hollow Man And Tory Cavorting Thats Self Contradictory
Aged Beef, Say, Jamie Ultimately Put Out With Refined Wine
Aid When Sewing Up Chinos In Fragments
Aintree Discombobulated Colt
Aircraftman Leaves In Two Litres Of Milk
Airmail It Off As Well As Old Army Collectables
Aleksandr, Sergei And Oleg Are Just Pets, I Hear
Alexander Has Opinion About Nude Seen Here And There
Alien Chasing British Religious Figure
Alkali Metal, Li
All Are Excited Drinking English Beer
All Day Without Charlie Dreadful I Can&Rsquo T Put Words To That
All Fine With Me, Getting Changed At Home
All The Cops In New Uniform Wrong
Almost Having Taken Head Off, Order Dismissal
Aloe Vera Treated Missing Volume In Sunken Spots
Also Called Some Bipartisan Wonks Back
Alternative Route From Hyde To Urmston
Always Welcoming German With Cordiality
Amazingly Nice And Extremely Desirable
American Conservative
American Doctor Sprang Up To Give Name
American Expelled From Country For Going Without Fare
American Forces Let Out Of Living Quarters For The Ships Crew
American Hotdog Ie Wren
American Lawyer Set To Defend One English Case
Amorous Desire Involving Moist Rice
An American Backed Importing A Finnish Bath
An Annoying Summer Visitors Back In Minimalist Garment
An Individual Ends Short Trip In General Store
An Officer In Ypres Played Old Instrument
Analogue Comparison
Analyse And Solve Problems
Anchor Held By Hideous, Headless Phantom
Ancient City Buried By An Eruption Of Vesuvius
Ancient City Street Associated With Dukes Historic Dare
Ancient Egyptian Kept Under Wraps
Ancient Head Of Entertainment Dividing A Tv Channel
Animated Characters Loud Warning Cry Turned Attention
Animated Quartet Captured By Dutch Portraitist
Animation Image Incorporating Infrared
Animation Of Mouse And Fly Involving Line In Unctuous Style
Anne Who Hosts With Nick Like This In Pub
Annual Award For Journalism, Literature, Musical Composition And Public Service, Established 1917
Annual Handbook
Ape A Famous Historian
Apes Food
Appalling Smoke Beginning To Thicken All Around
Appeared To Join With Editor Outside
Appears, Needing Drink After Shock
Applaud Those Running Across Street In Derbyshire Town
Apple Regularly Supported By Workers In Factories
Apples Magic Army On The Rampage In Active Competitions
Applies Charge To Honours Liberal Steps Down
Approach Maturity In State Prison
Appropriate Things I Put In Half Of The Venison
Appropriate To Support Her Majesty
Appropriate To Wake Between 3 And 5 In Afternoon
Approximate Guide In Digital Governance
Apt Reading Bond Created
Arab In Country Without Borders
Archaic Word For U K
Archer Has This Desire To Show Reverence
Are Such Blows Seen In Good Jousting Practice
Are Vocal Expressions Able To Start To Express Language
Are You Sober One May Still Find Youre Over The Limit
Area Between Flights
Area Held By Soldiers Effectively Home After 1984
Area Of New Building
Area Offering Cold Bath With Undies Off
Areas Of High Ground