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Crossword 1 October 2023

Crosswords and answers added today 1 October. Refresh this page often to read the latest additions or click here .

Latest Answers

Clue Answer
Number Of Sides On A Coin
Before, In Lord Byron's Poetry
Pie, 1971 Song By Don Mclean About The Day The Music Died
Brownie Baking Appliance
Farmiga, Bates Motel Actress
Great Expectations Or Jane Eyre, E G
Matthews Band Of So Much To Say
Since I Have You, 1981 Cover By Don Mclean That Reached No
Kind Of Man Or Boy
Prescribed Measure Of Medicine, Say
Salami And Baloney Seller
Got You, 1987 Song By Don Mclean That Was A Cover Of A Patsy Cline Song
Prefix With Graphy Or Metry To Give A School Subject
Laughing Serengeti Scavenger
Lawn Covering Material
Toddler's Little Piggy
1971 Song By Don Mclean That Is Named After And A Tribute To Dutch Artist Van Gogh
Red Carpet Walker, Say Abbr
Blocker's Targets On A Web Page, Briefly
Pete's Sake
Parking Violation Penalty
Eggy Sandwich Spread, Briefly
Yo Yo Or Rubik's Cube, E G
In The Air, 1971 Song By Don Mclean That Was A Billboard Top 40 Hit
Limb For A Sleeve Tattoo
Merlot Or Chardonnay, E G
Alias Indicating Letters, On A Wanted Poster
Sound Of Displeasure, From An Audience
Wonderful , 1975 Song By Don Mclean That Was A Tribute To Fred Astaire
Ballpoint, Gel, Or Fountain, E G
O' The Mornin' To Ya
Exhausted Or Beat, Say
Bartender's Bonus
Cartoon Strip Like Calvin And Hobbes
Title Of The Countess Of Grantham In Downton Abbey
Tiny Green Peas With A French Name, Petits
Permanent Coverings At The North And South Pole
Peer Into Someone Else's Business
Initialism For Short Term Memory
Golf Initialism That Might Proceed The Word Tour
Contacted Over The Airwaves
Actor Leslie Who Won A Tony For Hamilton
Sima , Grand Historian Of China's Han Dynasty
Political Conspiracy Theory During Trump's Tenure
Person Who Always Travels From Place To Place
Chemical Suffix With Brom Or Chlor
One, In Spain
Travel Aimlessly, Say
Dancing Queen Swedish Band
Shift, Manual Car Part That Changes Speed
Main Car Component With Pistons And Cylinders
Dreyer's Ice Cream Co Founder
Pads, Car Part That Helps It Slow Down And Stop
Bob Marley's Up, Stand Up
Narcissist's Soft Spot
Plug, Car Part That Helps With Ignition
Boldly Innovative, Say
Car's Steering Part
And Like That
Gravity, Singer Mayer
Coldplay's A Full Of Stars
The Princess And The , Children's Fairytale
Me Before , 2016 Film Starring Emilia Clarke
Important Car Component Found Under The Hood
White Sandwich Spread, Slangily
Lana Del Rey's For Life
Rhythmic And Basic Unit Of Time, In Music
Floor Furnishing
Editor's Leave It As It Is
Tehran's Country That Shares A Border With Turkmenistan
Stare At Shamelessly
Like A Piece Of Music Played Without Electric Instruments
Solo Piece For A Soprano, In An Opera
Walmart Or Macy's, E G
Valued Property, Say
Lil X, Old Town Road Hitmaker
Homophone For New
Speed Or Pace Of A Piece Of Music, Say
What A Surprise Cry
Craft Brew Initials
November , Guns N' Roses Hit
Combination Of Musical Pitches Or Tones Into A Pleasing Composition, Say
Kangaroo's Small Jump
Big Pig, Say
Extreme Fury
Three Or More Musical Notes Played Simultaneously, Like A Major Or B Minor
Relaxed Running Pace, For A Horse
Require Medication, Say
Poker Starting Payment
Hello Hello Hello Effect At A Canyon, Say
Summer Sky Color, Perhaps
Practice For A Big Boxing Bout, Say
Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody Or Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone, E G
Farm Animal With A Stubborn Attitude
Help From Abba
You Can't Put A Square In A Round Hole
Without Any Harmful, Addictive Toxins
Small Pieces Of Paper, Not Bound In A Book
Brought To A Stop
Blending System Used For Sherry And Other Wines
A Player Who Got A Goal
2013 Joaquin Phoenix And Scarjo Film About Ai
1980S Indian Leader Rajiv
Swordfight To Settle An Argument
Outermost Matter Surrounding The Brain
Nba All Star Stephen
Low Dam Used To Raise The Water Level Of A River
Bright, Fluorescent
Show Disdain Ignore
Met At One Point
Spin Turn
Tour Of Game Reserve
Middle Of Wheel
Yankee Era I’m Struggling To Preserve
Yeovil's Original Tough Guy Denied Opening As Farm Worker
Yet To Be Dealt With
Yobbo Nicking Charity Money Knocked To The Ground
You Mustn't Put On Tv Before Five
You Once Include Mike In Subject
Young Creatures With Grey Nails Treated
Young Foreign Home Help
Young Scot's Story With Hidden Booty
Your Lad Misbehaving, Mary
Your Opponent Traps His Own Rook Before Struggle For White Square
Youth These Days Wants Johnnies Regularly
Yvonne Losing Heart Over Something Sinful
Just Get By, With Out
Tree Often Associated With Fall Foliage
Musical Duo & Tina Turner
Spice, Flavor Used In Many Lattes During Fall
Appropriate For The Occasion, Say
Newton On Whom An Apple Fell And A Law Was Born
Actress Watson Of Harry Potter Fame
Gratia, Latin Saying Meaning By God's Grace
How Ya Doin' , Slangily
Cranberry , Fall Side Dish With Turkey During Thanksgiving
Branch Unit That Creates Foliage During Fall
Without Any Contamination, Say
White, Ufc Ceo
Apple Based Mulled Beverage Enjoyed During Fall
On The Cob, Popular Food During Fall
Crop Collection During Fall
Man Of , 2013 Superhero Movie
Word Used While Conveying Apologies
Test The Engine, Slangily
Within Arm's Reach, Say
Bro's Palindromic Counterpart
This Is Just A Formality
Nine Digit Id For A U S
We Can
Ethiopia's Continent, For Short
Douglas Tree
, Wind & Fire, Musical Group Of The Disco Era That Sold Over 90 Million Records Worldwide
Possible, Animated Disney Series
Quaint Tsk, Tsk
You Have The Patience Saint 2 Wds
Close Friend, Say
Everything's Fine And Dandy Hyph
Winner's Take, In Poker
Smallest Unit Of A Dance Routine
Ignited, As A Match
Highly Anxious And Nervous, Say
Get Rid Of Skin, As A Snake
Hold Sec 2 Wds
Ice Bucket Challenge Letters
& The Gang, Jungle Boogie Band Of The Disco Era With Two Grammys
Actress Hudson Of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Pregame Coin Flip
Viral Winter Illness, Briefly
The Gees, Stayin' Alive Group Who Became Known As The Disco Kings
Summer, Love To Love You Baby Artist Who Became Known As The Queen Of Disco
Place For A Drink, In An Old Western Movie
Johnson, Former U K
Informal Shirt With A Round Neck
Six Legged Colony Insect
Swedish Group With Hits Like Waterloo And Dancing Queen Who Defined The Disco Era Of The '70S
Brown, The Original Disco Man Artist With 17 No
Woo We Did It
Still Undecided, On A Tv Schedule Abbr