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Crossword 3 December 2022

Crosswords and answers added today 3 December. Refresh this page often to read the latest additions or click here .

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Clue Answer
Leon Of The Nfl
Rideshare Pioneer
Four Units Of Time (Four-Letter Min.)
Conversation Between Two Or More Persons; A Literary Work In The Form Of A Verbal Exchange (Noun)
Speech Or Writing In Praise Of A Person, Esp. One In Honor Of A Deceased Person (Noun)
A Concluding Part Added To A Literary Work; Speech By An Actor At The End Of A Play (Noun)
An Existing Word Used In A New Sense; A Newly Coined Word, Phrase Or Expression (Noun)
One Of The Three Amigos
Another Of The Three Amigos
1983 Robert Altman Film
Fee To Cross A River, Say
This Cluef Has One
Dined On Humble Pie
Refreshing Coffee Order
Word After Performing Or Fine
Hs Class In Which Students Might Read Dos Palabras
First Word Of Jabberwocky
Finishing The ___ (Sondheim Memoir)
A Razor Has One
Like A Fixer-Upper Maybe
Cookies And Cream Brand?
Pick A ___!
Fake Ones Might Have Plastic Needles
Leader Of Louisiana?
With 42-Across Wash. Hub
Logician Known For Overlapping Diagrams
Spokescritter With A British Accent
Robert Cormiers I Am The __
Financial Heading
Sure Seems Like It
Wheat Noodle
Filling Option For Stuffed Avocados
Spots To Order Calamares With Un Cóctel
American Eagle Outfitters Subsidiary
Drew Barrymores Third Film
Like Some Gowns
Sixth Man Of The Year Award Org.
Smartphone Setting That May Help Reduce Screen Time
Product Many Stick With
Meowth Of Pokémon For One
Cultural Spheres
Netflix Show Based On A Childrens Game
Oktoberfest Blast
Drink That Comes In California Dreamin And Grapefruit Zazz Flavors
Language Of The Eddas
Planet Of The Apes Role For Andy Serkis
Snuggies E.g.
Brewski! Now!
Picked One
Mythical Realm Watched Over By Heimdall
2019 Ap Female Athlete Of The Year
Namesake Of Ohio States Track-And-Field Stadium
Ones Waiting For Bottle Openers?
Goes With The Flow
Like A Naked Mole Rat
Comedian Who Voices Spider-Ham In Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
Calif. Home Of The Harvey Milk Terminal
Changes The Pitch On A Roof Say
Full Of Moxie
Little Cherubs
Leias Message To Obi-Wan For One
Qdoba Choice
Yashmak, For Example
Yeatss Top Poem With Latin Form Of Singing
Yelp, No
You Are Going To Shout
You Landed Here In Orly Wicked
Young Child Eating A Second Slice At Breakfast
Young King&Rsquo S One For The People Of Africa
Young Man Brewing Green Tea
Young Swimmer First When Racing, Bit Ahead
Younger Relative And I Tan Remarkably In Mediterranean Country
Youngster To Jog But Not Run
Hairstyle Make Up Clothes
Leaf Through Pages
Chuckle In Amusement
To Ones Cookies, Idiom That Means To Throw Up
Not Manual Cars, For Short
Department Store Stocks, For Short
Help In Conspiracy, E G
Tofus Source
Fertilizer Brand Green
Asias Neighbor, For Short
Waste Cloth
Female Worker In A Pizzeria
White House Monogram Letters In The 1920S
Hi, In Spanish
Shed A Tear Or Two
Du Vent, Windward Islands Part
Lean In To Cop To Mean A 1987 Sci Fi Movie
Do You Want
Wordle Parent Abbr
Hailing From Ireland
Game Parlor
Kevin Durants Organization Abbr
Small Chocolate Confection
A Cookie , Idiom That Refers To Someone Who Flatters Others For Self Serving Motives
Here Come The Warm Jets Musician Brian
Tool Used In A Garden
Place To Get A Stout
Petty Quarrel Between Lovers
According To Me, In Texts Abbr
Dance Move That Mimics Sneezing
Fix Errors On A Script, Say
Religious Service During Christmas
Light Pink Colored Wine
Like Greasy Fries
Summit Or Vertex
Auction Attempt
Open Your
Thats The Way The Cookie , Idiom That Means An Unpleasant Situation Must Be Accepted As It Is
Postal Departments Delivery
Muscles In Your Middle, For Short
Points A Dart At A Dartboard, Say
Like A Party Exclusive To Men
A Cookie, Idiom Referring To Someone Who Is Clever And Capable Of Making Good Decisions
Pre Cia Secretive Agency Abbr
Followed The Instruction, Say
Girls Like
A In Usda, For Short
Cheeses Partner In A Pasta Dish
Not Interested Reaction
Distressed Or Unhappy
Match Official, For Short
Mona Lisa, For One
Crumbly Thanksgiving Dessert
'Pickings' Or 'Chance' Start
____ Hershiser
'Cheers' In Sweden
Formulated Thought
'Evaporated' Or 'Skim' Ending
Two Five-Letter Palindromes
Smoke ____ (Safety Device)
Steadily Attentive: Careful And Diligent; Constant; Persevering (Adjective)
Eiffel, For One
Be Much Taller Than
Done; Complete
Maritime Sitcom (With The)
One Spelling For A Great Plains Home
Pac Beneficiary
Computer Blinker
Steered The Plane
Pitcher Stat
Survived A Game Of Musical Chairs
Name On Combine Harvesters
Start Of Many Addresses
Group That Combats Age Discrimination
Sonneteer's Contraction
Slam Dunk Contest Org.
Queen Played By Olivia Colman In The Favourite
Many Wiki Entries
Mtv Statuettes With An Astronaut Holding A Flag
Just Get By
Disarmament Subj.
Flat-Changing Tool Once
Cartoon Hunter Who Tries To Take A Vacation In Wabbit Twouble
Dey-Time Drama?
Judy Blume Books E.g.
Mathematical Concept Based On A Digits Position
Nasas Second Human Spaceflight Program
Sport With Referees Called Gyoji
Govt. Investment
Hotel Choice Leading Up To Eid Al-Fitr?
First Woman Speaker Of The House
Wall Calendar Span
Cereal That Has Amazing Health Benefits?
Pests Treated With Nix Ultra Shampoo
Response Producers
Hang Out In A Hammock
Where A Met Singer Reclines Between Arias?
Pumice-Powered Soap
Slopes Topper
Nerudas __ To Salt
Preference For The Center Of The Road?
Scholastic Nos.
Crud Smut
Gets Paler
Turmeric For Example
Ongoing Time
Spelling Competition With A Buzz
Little Legume In A Pod
Actor Daniel Kim From Lost
Umps Announcements
Uber Vehicle
Uncle , 1989 Comedy Film Directed By John Hughes Starring John Candy
Thats Exactly Right
Grace Moretz
Hows It Going, Slangily
Prides Noise
Key Affair
Seep Slowly, Like Sap
Comfortable T Shirt Or Bed Sheet Fabric
The Breakfast , 1985 Comedy Drama Movie Written By John Hughes Starring Emilio Estevez
Fairytale Residence
Around The In Eighty Days
Wooly Female From The Farm
Road Smoothening Material
Blemishs Mark
Shes Having A , 1988 Rom Com Directed By John Hughes Starring Kevin Bacon
Post Facial Shine
Actor Gibson From Lethal Weapon
Like Coke Without Fizz
Ferris Buellers Day , 1986 Teen Comedy Film Directed By John Hughes Starring Matthew Broderick
Kind Of Rodent Trap
Run 2 Wds
, Trains And Automobiles, 1987 Comedy Film Directed By John Hughes Starring Steve Martin
Youtube Upload, Perhaps, For Short
Wedding Invite Initials
Ayurvedic Tree From India
Ogre Or Troll In Japanese Folklore
Off Roading Four Wheeler Abbr
Word Following Iced Or Bubble
Fall Behind On Payments, Say
Road Rules Network Abbr
Gobble Up A Muffin, Say
Half Of A School Year, For Short
Slippery Bathroom Bar
Science, 1985 Sci Fi Movie Directed By John Hughes Starring Anthony Michael Hall
Netflix Or Prime Video, E G Abbr
Doctors Field, For Short
Crime Fighting Officer, Informally
Viral Image
Lee Or Winston
Two Australian States
I Don't Know ___ You But …
Participates In A Marathon
The T In Mit For Short
Queens Tennis Stadium Name
Tools That Can Be Circular Or Linear
What Might Have Tightly Packed Quarters?
The ___ (Game With Virtual People)
Hickey Site Often
One Of Two In A Proton
Disney Heroine Played By Liu Yifei
Blessed Sound?
Stem For Corn
We Also Want In! … And A Phonetic Hint To What's Found In The Starred Clues' Answers
Some Pride Letters
Site With Handcrafted Items
Fruit In A Newton Cookie
Notable Stretch Of Time
The White Lotus Network
Im Excited!
Lines That Break The Fourth Wall
Programming Language With A Coffee Cup Logo
Greasy Fingerprint Maybe
Fangirls Over Perhaps
50-50 Facetiously
Tub With Jets
Support Pros
Ohio Hometown Of Poet Rita Dove
Sonar Operator?
Colorados Sleeping __ Mountain
Darkwing Duck Character Dr. __ Dendron
Gulp Down Quickly
Feature Of A Magicians Stage
Just Scrapes (By)
Willing Parties?
Country Rockers Little __ Town
Pueblo Dwelling Material
*Was Completely Clueless
Antique Car Design Feature
*School Of Hindu Philosophy
Animal That Can Run Using Its Flippers
Sked Dont Know Yet
Greeting Between Members Of An Exclusive Club And Whats Hiding In The Answer To The Starred Clues?
Place To Make A Round Trip?
Adjust After A Wrong Turn
*1983 Film That Won An Oscar For Best Original Song
Brought Into A Discussion
*Bounce Around The Caribbean Say
Therapy Using Needles
Frequently Used
Group Of Wolves, Say
Zag Preceder
Dexters Babysitter Whom He Has A Crush On In The Animated Tv Series, Dexters Laboratory
Dexters Older Sister Who Loves Ballet In The Animated Tv Series, Dexters Laboratory 2 Wds
Slue Foot
Man Who Delivers Fine China In The Animated Tv Series, Dexters Laboratory
Humorous Internet Content
Dexters Equally Genius Rival In The Animated Tv Series, Dexters Laboratory
Actor Jon From Richard Jewell
Cry Uncontrollably, Say
It May Be First, Middle, Or Last
Actress Gardner From The Killers
Gargamels Pet Cat In The Animated Childrens Tv Series, Smurfs
Dont It 2 Wds
Word With Smurf To Mean A Red Fruit That Is A Source Of Nutrition For The Smurfs
Smurf, Village Leader In The Animated Childrens Tv Series, Smurfs
Rational, Level Headed
Color Of Spike Bulldogs Collar In The Animated Childrens Series, Tom & Jerry
Swing Gently To Some Music
Galore, One Of Toms Love Interests In The Animated Childrens Series, Tom & Jerry
Ooh Counterpart
Jerrys Favorite Snack In The Animated Childrens Series, Tom & Jerry
Mammy Shoes, Partially Seen Human Character In The Animated Childrens Series, Tom & Jerry
Dressed, With In
Cat, Black And White Alley Cat In The Animated Childrens Series, Tom & Jerry
Newtons Charged Particle