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Crossword 29 March 2023

Crosswords and answers added today 29 March. Refresh this page often to read the latest additions or click here .

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Clue Answer
Facsimile Machine
Factional Split
Fail In Attempt To Maintain Break
Failing To Grab Old Express
Failure To Remember Polyphonic Composition
Falls In Arsenals Initial Profit Reversed By The Gunners
Familiar Moniker Quiet Orbs
Famous Metalworker And I Put In Small Room With Nickel
Fancy Lager And Beer Bottles Right For Bulky Characters
Fancy Pigeon Greek Character Needed On Top
Fancy Stereo Discs Occasionally Used For The Select Few
Fantastic Baller Breaks Toe Its Okay
Fare From India, Not Southern Island Nation
Farm Acre In The Middle Of Dorset, At Last
Farmer Fled, Caught By Some Woman
Father In Paris Eating What Could Be Chicken Spread Throughout
Father Supporting Southern Resort
Fear About To Be Suppressed By Father
Feature Of Señorita’s Hat Incorporating Diamonds
Fed By Father, Old Swimmer Wearing Rubber
Fed Gruel Initially By Staff
Fellow Travellers Stretch Over Couch With Something For A Pillow
Female Receiving Second Shot
Fence Cross Country Runner Needs New Start
Fickle Character, Clumsy Actor And English Stars In Vacuous Cartoon
Fictional Criminal Mastermind
Fifth Book Of The Old Testament
Fight With Police And A Large Old Copper, Perhaps
Fighter&Rsquo S Time In Celebrity Group
Figure In Performing Arts Taking Pessimistic View
File With Artists Paintings Originally
Fill Up Ten Churns Thats Ample
Filled With Excessive Vanity
Filling For Chocolates &Mdash Plainer Sorts
Film About Mad Cow Disease, All Ending In Ohio, Say
Film Intimate Moments With Thora
Financial Office Compassionate About The French Royal Family
Financially Secure And Functioning Well
Fine Diamond, Possibly, In English Hair Oil
Fine Place For Mascara That&Rsquo S Overly Decorative
Fine Sheets Bear Crest Poor Fellow Aint Posh
Fine Woollen Cloth Irish Found In Kentucky Pool
Finish Off Muck Guzzling The Stew
Fire Survivor&Rsquo S Tool Ultimately Seen In Photos
Firm, Small Lettuce
First Of Casualties In War, Score Shocking &Mdash Frightening Figure
First Of Suitors Snubbin A Young Girl
First Part Of Netflix Serial Broadcast They Expose Lies
First Prime Minister Of India, D 1964
Fish Round Lake Doing Nothing
Fish Which Might Give You A Shock
Fitting A Rugby Player Of Exceptional Size
Fix Rotating Handle Starter For Double Decker
Fixed Sum For Expenses
Fizz Right Up
Fizzy Non Alcoholic Drink
Flag Support For Car Workers’ Group At First
Flaming Above That Might Make Head Drier
Flapper Mixed Up In Ribald Riot
Flavoursome Addition To Food &Mdash And Booze
Flier Makes Fanatic Come Out Of Shell
Fling And Booze Up, One Admitted, Is A Bloomer
Flipping Poor Housing Close To Rivers Dingy
Flop On Holiday Beach Was Very Pricy
Flower In Black Vase
Fluid Caused By Inflammation
Fly In Sky Over Vessel
Flying Object Policeman Finds Hard To Take In
Flying Safety Limiting Father Christmas Perhaps
Followed Loch, Showing Persistence
Followers Referring To Recalled Eastern Unit
Food Parcel American Dropped Off Somewhere In The Aegean
Food Shop, Remarkably, Bringing Shipment
Food Wrapping Ultimately Going Sodden The Making Of A Row
Fool Engaging Leaders Of English Society Doesnt Stop Talking
Football Star Caught Gathering In A Shot, Miraculously Able To Save
Footwear For Icy Conditions
For A Sportsperson It Would Have Been More Hazardous To Have Run One At The Start
For An Audience, Musical Collection Bore A Small Organ
For Example Spooner Once Put Hundred Pounds On Germany Collapsing
For Example, Bolt Screen To Uncovered Tiles
For Which Finally Souls Get Ferry And Cross
Forbidden In Germany And Austria
Forbidden To Provoke In Speech
Forceful Flick, Using The Other Hand
Forecasting Tax Increases, Conservatively At First
Forecasts Result In Flipping Bad Mood
Foreign Article Is Clear Sighted
Foresee Booze Being Knocked Back In Pints
Forgetting A Tense In Divine Language
Formal Written Exposition
Former Conservative Employer Becoming Lenient Type
Former Priest Learning Dutch Did Survey
Former Pupils Gather Pine To Make Shapes
Formerly Not Drinking, Wanderer Inside Becoming Outgoing
Found In The Open Seas
Four Brave Guards Gad About
Fragment Of Artichoke Heart On Roll
Frantic Legal Eagle Judge Dismissed, One Doing Filing
Fraternity Member Described By Team As One Dimensional
Free From Distress, Father, Getting Out More
Free From Ice
French Article About Strange, Retiring Creatures
French City Is Seriously Annoying
French Clown And I Go Off Course In Vessel
French Composer With Obligation To Follow It
French Indian Ocean Department
French Meet Storms, Not Surprisingly, Throughout
French Veto Letting In Another European Military Leader
Fresh Canape Stuffed With Dry Meat
Friend Going Around With Good Gossip
Friend With Title Becomes Fortune Teller
From Memory, An Italian Native
Fruit Is Repulsive When Picked Up
Fruit Left In Bond At Home By European
Fruit Made Into Wine, Gin, Jam And Jelly
Further Attempts At An Examination
Fury Evident In One Note
Canoodling In A Restaurant, Say Abbr
Nearly Uninhabitable Room, Say
Microwaves Your Food Is Done Sound
Jeans Company That Rivals Levis
Television Series Filming Location, Perhaps
Poses, As A Question
Pub Pint With A Head On It
Goodbye In Milan
Eastern Discipline With A Cat Cow Pose
Like Highly Prized Wine
Like Streets With Traffic Going In Just A Single Direction 2 Wds
Empire State Buildings Locale Abbr
Finish, As An I Or A J
Sailors Were Going To Drown
Dogg, Drop It Like Its Hot Rapper
& Order, Police Procedural Series
Dance Venue At School, Often
The Little , 1994 Film Based On Our Gang
Clever Tactic, Say
Actress Thurman Who Made Her Broadway Debut With The Parisian Woman
Fannie , Government Mortgage Company
Chowed Down, As A Pizza
Baywatch Actress Anderson, Lovingly
Smurf, Leader Of The Smurfs
Young Scottish Boy, Say
Cry From A Pigpen
Cyrus Who Sang Wrecking Ball
Philadelphia Eagles Or Kansas City Chiefs, For One
Floral Keepsake From Hawaii
Vital Fluid Pumped By The Heart
Hoppy Brew At A Brewpub Abbr
Good, In Spanish
Wan Kenobi Who Yelled You Were The Chosen One
Makes Offers, At An Auction
Sleep Phase With Dreaming Abbr
Before, To John Milton
Well Extract, Maybe
Financial Claim On Property, Say
Lacking In Color, Say
Nightmarish Street Of Filmdom
Author Harper Of Go Set A Watchman
John , Fictional Doctor Played By Eddie Murphy In The 1998 Film Based On Hugh Loftings Stories
Former Kansas Governor Landon
Extend Across, As A Bridge
Place For A Mud Facial
New York City Congresswoman Big On Social Media Abbr
The Parsons Project, British Rock Band
One Who May Win An Oscar
Stephen , Fictional Doctor And Superhero Played By Benedict Cumberbatch In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Soup Scooping Vessel
Aesops Fable Lesson
Blemish On A White Shirt, Say
Jonathan , Fictional Doctor And Supervillain Played By Cillian Murphy In The 2005 Film Batman Begins
Adams, Character Based On A Real Life Doctor Who Was Played By Robin Williams In The Eponymous 1998 Film
Baked Dessert Pastry
Large, Flightless Outback Birds
Jerry , Fictional Doctor In The 1994 Film Nell Starring Jodie Foster
Jared , Suicide Squad Star
Rhea Or Atlas, In Greek Mythology
Gymgoers Physique, Slangily
Boston Bruins Organization Abbr
Joint Tested For Reflexes, Often
Anaconda Or Inland Taipan, E G
Person Adored By Many
Lecter, Fictional Doctor Played By Anthony Hopkins In The 1991 Film The Silence Of The Lambs
Michelle, Tall Girl Actress And Former Regular On Dance Moms
Emulate A Firefly, Say
Keshas Hit Song Tok
Ive Got It Cry
Nickname For Leonard Mccoy, Fictional Doctor Played By Karl Urban In The 2009 Film Star Trek
Green, Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children Actress
Landlord Or Title Holder, Say
Please Leave A Message At The
E G Jerry Covering Tom Up With Horse Hair
Each Sigh Movingly Suggests One Is More Valuable Than A King
Earl Captivated By Original Mona Lisas Enigmatic Features
Ears Got Bashed In Boxing For Example
Easily Approached A Story With Repeated Introduction
Eat Out Get Chinese
Eccentric Poet To Take On, Becoming A Handicap
Economic Collapse Wiping Out Republican Money
Ecstatic Sounds From Husband In Despair So Moving
Edible Green Pods
Editors Opinions Of Our Rulers
Edna Broke Every So Often Not Fair
Edward Ledger
Effect Of Sun, Temperature &Mdash Strange Outburst Of Temper
Effort Of Past Orient Travelling
Eg Restyle, After Conversion, In Bluish Colour
Egyptian Dancing Girl Seen In Rueil Malmaison
Either Of Two Men To Talk About Newtons Sacred Song
Elected President Starts Probing Work Assistants
Electrical Unit Army Management Prescribe At The Outset
Electrons Hit With One Will Be Shut In
Element That Could Be Unseem­liest, Not Established
Eminent School In Street Slightly Tainted
Emotional And Extraordinary Visit Welcoming Life On Mars Finishes Earth
Emotional Feelings Experienced Instinctively
Emphatic Men Must Change Accusation
Empty The Sink, Initially After Bath Floods
Encountered 6 As An Example Of This
Encountered Love Embracing People In Remembrance
Encourage Man Perhaps Painting Euston Externally
Encouraging Reports Of Old Comedians Going Round St Pauls
Encroachment Ordain
End Of Majestic Spoonerism Ruined Concentration
End Time Involved In Stirring A Lot Of Potato Soup
Endeavour To Squeeze Butt In
Endless Abuse After Directors Take Public Transport
Energy Discharging Around Wharf, Making A Racket
Energy Transmitted In The Form Of Rays Or Waves
Engineers Rental Agreement That&Rsquo S Free
English Detective Story Writer, D 1957
English Flower For Example, Good Seasonal Item
English Poised To Alter Instalment
English Teacher About To Get Pay Increase
Enough To Taste Without Needing Seconds
Entertainer To Visit Princess Briefly
Enthusiasts Accepting Ticket Price For Trumpets
Entirely So, When Visiting English Island
Episcopal Headgear Finally Cast In Mud
Equality Involving Work Leads To Union Leaders Appeal To People
Er, Delilahs Gone Mad &Mdash Kicked Up A Terrible Stink
Error Stop Assuming End Of Nose Produces Bogey
Error Not Pronounced &Mdash Its Easily Undone
Escaping Deranged Hunters Trailing Leg
Escort Our Party With That Woman
Essence Of Chapter Missing From Long Book
Essence Of Eastern Flower
Essential To Bring Up Sons Pornography
Etons Head Expected To Cover Up Whip In School
Eu Makes Speeches About The End Of Irregular Vegetables
Europes Largest Manufacturer Of Commercial Aircraft
European Resort Hotel Covering Up Immorality
European Tax Shelter Hides Uplift
Evacuation Chairs Sat Abandoned
Even In Action, Dispirited
Event In Edinburgh Thats Superficially Artistic
Evergreen Trees Given Faulty Clue A Pity
Everyone Can See That Carols On Drugs
Everyone In This Land Alone, Confused
Evil Country Garden Evacuated
Examination Of Countrys Aluminium
Exceed One&Rsquo S Power, Being Open About English King
Excel With Soldiers In The Open Air
Excellent Foot Soldiers Manoeuv­ring Without Loss
Exceptionally Sweet Pa, Full Of Energy
Excess Water Surging Up The Beach Regularly Wiping Out Elliott
Excessive Working Receiving Quiet Word At First
Excessively Bold Oddball I&Rsquo Ve Confronted
Excessively Proper Person Killjoy
Exclamation Of Surprise With Herb Appearing In Floral Arrangement
Excursion In Direction Of Ancient City
Exhausted Caretaker Carries Mirror To Skip
Exotic Broths Featuring Toppings Of Sour Cream
Expand Integral Needing Brackets Put Back
Expeditions Leader Quickly Read Over List Flipping Safety Procedure
Expensive Contract Secures Church For Race
Experienced Politicians Taking Time, Putting Out Second Press Briefing
Expert In Body Of Stories &Mdash First About Cat
Expert Son Training American Spies On Record
Expertise Of Newspapers Covering Town Centre
Exploded Item Of Statuary Incorporating King
Exploited Worker Knocking Back Some Refreshments
Exploits At Work Finally Impress Weaklings
Expression Of Surprise About Ones Wealth
Expressions Of Surprise And Approval From Scotsman When Delivered Flowers
Expressive Performance Of Queen With Cello, Leaving Out Middle Part Unfortunately
Extra Part Of Journey So Long
Extremely Dreary And Unpleasant Line
Extremely Drunk Drinking Drink, One Avoids Stairs
Extremely Happy And Profitable Promotion
Extremes Of Unrest Repeatedly Upset Former Archbishop
Eye Sexually
Composition For Two
Combine Simultaneous Edits (Version Control)
Place For A Drink And Some Music
Ivory Product
Baseball Hall Of Famer Mel
French Variant Of Ralph
Name That Anagrams To Syria